jless — a command-line JSON viewer

jless is a command-line JSON viewer designed for reading, exploring, and searching through JSON data.

jless will pretty print your JSON and apply syntax highlighting. Use it when exploring external APIs, or debugging request payloads.

Expand and collapse Objects and Arrays to grasp the high- and low-level structure of a JSON document. jless has a large suite of vim-inspired commands that make exploring data a breeze.

jless supports full text regular-expression based search. Quickly find the data you're looking for in long String values, or jump between values for the same Object key.


jless currently supports macOS and Linux and can be installed using various package managers.

OSPackage ManagerCommand
macOSHomeBrewbrew install jless
macOSMacPortssudo port install jless
LinuxHomeBrewbrew install jless
Arch Linuxpacman -S jless
Void Linuxsudo xbps-install jless
NetBSDpkgin install jless
FreeBSDpkg install jless
From source (requires Rust toolchain)cargo install jless

Binaries for various architectures are also available on GitHub.

Check out the user guide to learn about the full functionality of jless.